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mapa de actividades de turismo ruralMap of Activities

Todas las actividades de turismo rural que puedes realizar desde nuestra casa La Portada del Medievo, resumidas en un mapa

Mapa de actividades de turismo rural La Portada Del Medievo

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naturaleza Nature

  • Echo and Anso Valley - Zuriza and Selva de Oza: On the road to Pamplona, from the village of Berdún, can access the Anso Valley. The road is narrow but spectacular beauty, especially Foz de Biniés. In Anso, and then Echo, can visit the churches and the people themselves, they maintain their customs and a rich ethnological altoaragonés (with individual museums). From Echo and north, passing Siresa, reach the Selva de Oza, where you can find various beautiful marked trails allow hiking, as the Ibon of Acherito and Estanes, Waters Tuertas, The path of Camille, or even do some good Ferrata routes. There Megalithic Interpretation Centre at the entrance to the Selva de Oza, on the Hellmouth, from where you can tour an old Calzada Romana -Former of the Camino de Santiago.
  • And by Jasa y Aragüés: Beautiful River Valley Osia, carrying, passing said peoples, pretty and well preserved, a Lizara. There you can find the more abrupt or wild Pyrenees.
  • Excursions Western Valleys. All these trips and routes are well documented in the following publication of the Government of Aragon. Download the PDF (2,4 MB)
  • Excursions Western Valleys. Map of the gorges and Berdún Channel.Mapa Las Foces Canal de Berdun Valles Occidentales Pirineos-1Mapa Las Foces Canal de Berdun Valles Occidentales Pirineos-2
  • Ruta de la Insurrección de los valles. Un recorrido por la historia transitando por los mismos caminos y visitando los pueblos que protagonizaron en 1809 la insurrección de los valles.

patrimonio Culture and heritage

  • If you prefer is to know the culture and heritage our Aragonese Pyrenees, we can not miss in any of the routes of the Romanesque Aragon, eg, the Siresa Monastery, before the ninth century. In Javierregay We can enjoy the "Ruta de las Casas", a leisurely stroll through the village allowing us to appreciate the architecture prepirenaica, highlighting the paneling of the old Palace of Count.
  • In all these villages in the valley include the Chamineras - Fireplaces - with Espantabrujas: Major players in the homes of our region, ethnological heritage legacy Aragon, whose spectacular examples can be found especially in the Echo Valley, and beautiful in Javierregay specifically, with features like auctions espantabrujas. Test the incredible imagination of the local people are also the many legends and stories of popular culture.
  • Monastery of San Juan de la Peña: A time apenas 20 Javierregay miles and passing through Santa Cruz in the serosa (nice stop for people visiting the Church of St. Mary and St. Caprasio), is the Old Monastery, Cradle of the Kingdom of Aragon. In recent rehabilitation New Monastery, offers us a special opportunity to see more of the Crown of Aragon. Thence, find several trails for easy access and short haul, as that leads to the balcony of the Pyrenean, spectacular view from where we will see all the peaks of the Pyrenees. Also, there is a great children's playground included explanda to spend an unforgettable day with the family.

deportes Sports

And if we lose are the sports, in this valley can enjoy almost all of them by our central location with respect to snow, mountain, swamp, aerodrome, rio Subordán.

  • kayak On the river we can perform declines Subordán ravines, kayaks , breaks 9 meters from the Hellmouth; or quieter activities such as fishing in its various forms.
  • trekingMountain we Routes Circular of the Valleys, by Bisaurín, Ferrata routes, Embún scaled and Anso, hiking, ascents, or more quiet walks as Booths Route in Javierregay, the mushrooming by many of our iconic mountains.
  • paracaidismoBy Air also can have fun, made from paragliding and Echo, to Gliding, tourist flights with pilot, pilot courses, of skydiving, and much more at the aerodrome of Santa Cilia.
  • caballoA horse and very close to Javierregay, between Castiello and Villanúa, is a Equestrian Center, performed from simple horse or pony up riding quads.
  • bici By bike, renting them in Javierregay, we can follow the Ruta BTT Javierregay-Santa Cilia, Difficulty low and affordable to all ages.
  • ski And finally, Trekking wintry: Snowshoeing, skiing, esquí nórdico y backcountry, telemark y pulkas (sleds) with night bivouac. This specialized monitors arranged in any of the companies involved in these activities in our valley.