Foto de programa de Fiestas de Semana Santa 2014

Photo of Fiestas program of Easter 2014

17, 18, 19 And 20 APRIL

Easter is a very important date for chaberrinos, since last few decades, Easter celebrates the Holidays, and have become Major Parties Javierregay.
Of course I was not always, but was San Sebastián, the 20 January. This day is still celebrated, but family, more to the people. In another article I will talk about this Feast.
Focusing on these Easter, say that began being celebrated in a day, and gradually, the young men and women of the village, "Struggling" with religious constumbres the moment, I was scratching and scratching days, to become the Party we know today:
Best of the Region.
Nobody can assure us the time, because heavy snow and good morning sun and heat are remembered. But no matter: all await with joy and desire to go out and have fun and enjoy, And as you tell us Festival Committee in the fantastic program they have prepared for us this year, represent a break in our lives, and almost leave behind the suffering of winter and welcome spring, represented in the revival of nature and our own concerns and goals for the year (although this is more like carnivals). But what they have written so well, I prefer his words transcribiros:

Greeting Committee
It was time to leave behind the difficulties of everyday life and enjoy with family, with friends, with our neighbors, a new Easter Festival.
And now more than ever. Because there has not been an easy year. For one. We all suffer in these times or hard familires personal circumstances make it difficult to climb that hill that has grown in front of us. But chaberrinos have demonstrated throughout history our ability to reponernos setbacks of life.
We have demonstrated on numerous occasions and will continue to do so. This party has to assume a break for all, a reward esfuezo. Because we deserve. Because days are ours to enjoy and share with our guests so many moments that, I hope, are all special ara.
For all these reasons the Commission wishes you Happy Holidays!

From here, I want to thank them for the time they devote to organize, for everyone to enjoy. They also, to have fun!
PD. Certainly, who have loved the design of the program this year, I can not publish that data protection… We've all already met Willy? 😉

If I can publish it activities planned:

Thursday, 17 April 2014
16:00 h.- Games for the little ones in the square.
18:30 h.- Championship football in pairs.
19:30 h.- 3Climbing Half nacelles in the square.
23:00 h.- Rabbi Championship.
00:00 h.- Costume party.
Friday, 18 April 2014
16:00 h.- Championship guiñote.
18:00 h.- Paloteao of Embún.
20:30 h.- Shot of rope against older children. Bring your drawings… Freestyle.
00:30 h.- Dance session with the orchestra "Main Street".
07:30 h.- 3Th career barrida plaza; Breakfast for all participants "light": eggs and ham.
Saturday, 19 April 2014
11:00 h.- Playground.
16:00 h.- Playground.
18:30 h.- Round costumes, to all the people see how beautiful you are going.
21:00 h.- First dance session with the band "The Jungle".
01:00 h.- Second dance session with the band "The Jungle".
07:00 h.- Traditional bower to the young women of the village, enlivened by the charanga "The car".
Sunday, 20 April 2014
08:00 h.- With chocolate cake to recuperate after enramar.
13:00 h.- Easter Mass Resurrection, accompanied by "Los Chotos".
16:00 h.- Big round the houses of the village with the charanga "Cha-Cha".
21:30 h.- When we finish the round, pecking at the bar for all of the waiters.
00:00 h.- Duro "mortal" for which withstand.

In another article I will discuss also the Traditional bower to the Wenches.. But here have a taste of something that has recovered in the Folk Group Jaca Alto Aragon.

Happy Holidays!